Buying EV or Traditional car, that’s a problem

2 min readOct 26, 2021

Right now, One of the most issues would be electric cars. Back in early 2000, Cars fueled by electric sound like SF movies, But It became reality.

As 2021, Many major car companies around the world have said that they will change their product portfolio. So In near future, Many of them have promised that they would only sell eco-friendly cars. The end of combustion engine cars. Like this trend, Major cities around the world. For example, LA has decided banning combustion engine vehicles from circulating city from 2030. Considering all of the circumstances, It seems that buying Ev is reasonable choice rather than buying gasoline engine car. But as I’m entering in my late 20s, when most Korean start to buy their first vehicle. I haven’t made my mind yet.

People don’t like traffic jam. It is natural, nobody would want to be stuck in the middle of road. But what if you have to be stuck to charge your EV?. In South Korea, Still there are not many EV charging stations nationwide. So EV owners have to endure long line whenever they have to charge their battery. I guess I don’t want to do that as for now. It is said that New EV modes can travel more kilometers than first generation EVs, but time to charge the vehicle is not so much different. On top of this problem, not enough EV charging stations makes EV drivers to spend extra time just for charging. South Korea is not the First runner when it comes to EV market, so maybe Europe and California state, which are frontier for EV market, maybe different. South Korea still has long way to go.

Did you know that EVs is heavier than traditional cars.I m not tech savvy, But I know that EVs don’t have many components that Gasoline engine cars have, but its battery is so heavy, So when it comes to same size, and same horse power, EV is heavier. Is that reason why EV is way more expensive than traditional cars?. of course not, New technology and new features make EV price go up. So as I m in my 20s, and my people at my age usually don’t have much saving. For us, EV is just expensive car that has new features that comes with high price tag. when I think about early 2010, when people started switching to Smart phones. at first only few did it, At that time smart phone was so much expensive. I’m not sure whether inflation justify higher cost of last version of i-phone or galaxy Fold, or we are used to it, everybody use smart phone now days, I think EV is in transition period. so I just want to postpone buying EV,