Have you been to Seoul, or have you heard about it?

3 min readOct 28, 2021

Seoul is capital city of South Korea, it is home to around 10 million people. I m one of them, I moved here 4 years ago for my university degree. I can say I’m really loving this city so much, at the same time hating this city so much. There is an old saying in Korea, when a horse is born it should be sent to Jeju Island, when a human baby is born, he or she should sent to Seoul. Seoul has been a capital city more than 500 years. So we can say that It is always and will be the center of Korea peninsular.

Seoul city government have well preserved many historical sites. So It is amazing attraction that you can walk around 400 years old palace, while you are surrounded by sky-scrappers.

Unlike USA, South Korea’s capital city performs multiple things, It is center of economy, It is center of Politic, It is center of Cultural event, It is center of Education, and so on …

Living in Seoul is so much convenient, when I compare to other parts of South Korea, Grocery Stores are everywhere, big Shopping Complex are always located near by any Seoul district, There are many job opportunities, many prestigious universities that attract more and more young people.

Yes, those reasons also attract me to come to Seoul from southern part of South Korea, But some real barriers deter me pursue successful Seoul life.

When we talk about South Korea’s real estate market, we cannot stop taking about Han-River, which divide Seoul in half. South Korea is a small country relative to its population size. so apartment is the most common residential type in South Korea and it is most preferred type among other things. Typically the apartments ,which have Han-river view, are considered best apartments. every Korean has dreamed of getting, living one of those apartments, including me. But that dream has become more and more difficult. during 2019~2021 period, Real estate cost in South Korea has skyrocketed, It is impossible to buy house by saving, I m not taking about Han-river view apartments, just normal apartment in Seoul, not in affluent area, cost around 1 million dollars. many young people give up buying a house, many young Koreans now days turn their eyes to Luxury cars, watch, and bag, instead of saving for the future. currently I’m not one of them, but I would like to buy fancy cars rather than saving my income for unforeseeable future.

I think, lack of affordable house in Seoul is source of all major problems that South Korea is dealing with, starting from low-economy growth, high mortgage rate, to low birth rate.

Regulations, that go against people’s mind, can not get support. Some politician said,”Let’ move public institutions to regional area, Let’s move some top conglomerate headquarter to regional area”. but they also want to stay in Seoul. people want to live in Seoul, Institutions, companies want to live in Seoul. Seoul offers a lot. So some proposals to relocate people or organizations is nonsense.

Can I dream bright future of South Korea, like our parent generation did?. I am truly hope so